Gopchang Hotpot Meal Kit

Gopchang-jeongol or beef tripe hot pot is a Korean stew made by boiling beef tripe, vegetables, and sauce in one pot. Our Gopchang Hot Pot comes ready to be cooked in 10 minutes with all ingredients nicely packaged in one meal kit.

Gopchang BBQ Meal Kit

Gopchang refers to beef small intestines, and it is widely popular and enjoyed in the Korean culture. Our BBQ meal kit comes with Gopchang, onions and potatoes, chives salad, dipping sauce, and dipping powder all in one package.

Gam Ja Tang

Gam Ja Tang or pork back-bone stew is a spicy Korean soup made from the spine or neck bones of a pig. It comes with potatoes, radish leaves, hot pepper and ground sesame seeds. Our Gam Ja Tang comes fully cooked and ready to eat.